Scientific Computing with Python
Austin, Texas • July 6-12, 2015
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SciPy 2015 Talk & Tutorial Videos

See the SciPy 2015 Talk and Tutorial video playlist.

国外网站,如何访问 - 安全技术 - 深信服社区:2021-3-21 · 1.负载均衡+国外专线+AF多线路 负载均衡负责,国外域名动态解析 2.国外专线+固定电脑或usb网卡 (节省负载均衡) 仅指定IP地址,访问所有URL链路,全部走国外专线 3.国内专线+域名代理+2台WOC (节省国外专线) 两端动态IP,IPSCE链路隧道,国内电脑通过国外WOC访问.

Conference Proceedings may be found 电脑访问国外网站加速软件.


  1. 2 full days of 90 talks + 40 posters on topics specific to Python for science, engineering, and data analysis you won't hear anywhere else.See the full list of talks and posters here.
  2. Meet and talk with over 500 attendees representing diverse backgrounds and industries, gathering to share their Python experience and learn from each other.
  3. Incredible keynote speakers: hear from Wes McKinney, author of Pandas; Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist for The New York Times; and Jake VanderPlas, director of research at the University of Washington's eScience Institute and core contributor to a number of scientific Python libraries including sci-kit learn and AstroML.
  4. Great social events to network and get to know other attendees, including a riverboat cruise on Lady Bird Lake, diversity luncheon, annual reception, and conference kick-off reception.
  5. WIN10电脑如何访问外国的网站-百度经验:2021-12-24 · WIN10电脑如何访问外国的网站,很多人都想看看国外的新闻或者消息什么的,但是国内是不能进入国外的网站的,这个时候就需要翻墙了,今天我就和大家分享一下应该怎么做。Seats are still available for Software Carpentry, Machine Learning with Sci-Kit Learn (2nd session opened due to massive demand), Manipulating Numerical Data with NumPy, Image Analysis with Sci-Kit Image, Modern Optimization Methods in Python, and more. See tutorial details and the full schedule here.
  6. Participate in coding sprints: Over 200 community members from core developers to Python newcomers will work together to contribute to projects and code during the SciPy sprints. You can make a huge contribution and sharpen your skills at the same time.

SciPy 2014 Talk & Tutorial Videos

See the SciPy 2014 Talk and Tutorial videos, including popular topics such as: Introduction to Julia, Bayesian Statistics, and the Scikit-image library.

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